TIllerson as Secretary of State: An anti-Western liberal oligarch and pro-Russia statement.

The nomination fr Secretary of State of Rex Tillerson by Donald Trump is a major statement that he will not do business according to the Rockefeller types and their anti-Russia lobby. This is clear for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the Rockefellers whose family oligarch founder was John Rockefeller of Standard Oil may be the largest shareholder in Exxon, the largest privately owned oil company in the world.

Simply speaking Tillerson stared down the Rockefelkers on their attempts to push Exxon towards an overly enthusiastic position promoting climate change doctrine. That is when he refused to go whole heartedly into alternative energy, a strategy that would have proven costly and that BP even has largely abandoned.

After all, the Bilderbergers, the chief issue players for the western liberal oligarchs  are still mad at Tillerson, never mind Trump. They are not used to a CEO so willfully standing up against their major pet issue of climate change. Some even think they helped to get Stephen Harper thrown out of power in Canada for his generally anti-climate change views.

What really maddens some of these main families and their foundations is that Tillerson did huge and successful deals with Vladimir Putin. For these families and other global liberals, Putin is a major force against their agenda with his strong anti-politically correct views and his unwillingness to let his brand of democracy be manipulated by their agenda.

For them, Putin must be stopped at practically all costs by their using information wars through mainstream western media, bought off Congress and their manipulated insiders in the intelligence community. The FBI overall may be better than I thought it was against such interference but we shall see.

Trump together with Putin are standing up against this western patriarchal elitist order that got America massively indebted and so disoriented that it puts issues like transgender bathroom rights and climate change so overwhelmingly at the top,  as well as political correctness. A western elite that is so decadent overall that it caused the mortgage meltdown that almost took out the global economy.

Europe is also moving away from letting the Soroses to the Rothschilds have their way through the main investment to banking sectors. Trump, if he survives the next massive attacks against him and his administration will cause a watershed change in the world order. It will be slow but will gain momentum over time.

That is why those who were happy to see and orchestrate the desecration of Gaddafi and throw Syria into total disarray will be for sure scheming to do something despicable to Trump that will make the tensions in the election campaign look small.

I went to school with these people and know their degree of competitiveness and attachment to the politically correct and liberal agenda they have been instilled with the  overly  suckered on  liberalism mixed in with authoritarianism and hierarchy to see it all  pushed through.

They will, fight to the end. Trump needs to know this and be prepared to work with Putin and other western reasonables  such as Nigel Farage and even Francois Fillion to stop these decadent western liberal oligarchs from further ruining the world with their self-righteous interventions, encapsulated in their divine sense of rule.  They  think  this allows them to manipulate government election outcomes with their media control and  various other rigging worldwide.

As we can see from Hillary’s defeat, Hollande’s disposal, Brexit and the Italian referendum rejection, the populace is finally catching up with understanding these elites’ over powering and destructive handiwork.

Thus, I very much believe Trump and his people must batten down the hatches for the giant firestorm these western oligarchical powers and their minions will be applying in their regrouping  after their terrible losses. You can bet on it.

A possible Tillerson  ascension to the Secretary of State position over Mitt Romney will be another major sign of the defeat of the global liberal elites. This will be  especially so regarding the neo-cons and liberal interventionists and their anti-Putn and anti-Russia rage.

We need a more cooperative and prosperous world fashioned in realism and steady and careful movement to responsible democracy. These inherited Western,  rich oligarchs, especially who are of  the baby boomers but with some notable exceptions have truly lost the plot about the real world within much of us live.


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