Trump Brilliant on NATO: Organization needs major shake-up

There is a lot of criticism directed to millenials these days by the status quo, usually older elites. One would be that they are not attached enough to old military alliances like NATO.It is this new kind of thinking I praise from both millenials and Donald Trump.

When I was at Harvard’s Center for International Affairs, I did thorough research on generational change and political values. Even back in the late 1980s, there was research showing a major shift among the young people of the time – now in their fifties and older -away from NATO.

Trump is the embodiment of those views that after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact that NATO has increasingly questionable value for the United States. It is a bankrupt, indebted United States that pays 75 percent of the cost of NATO an anachronistic organization headquartered in Europe.

In the art of the deal, it is acceptable as a strategy for the United States to walk away from NATO especially if less indebted Europe overall does not want to pay its share? I fully concur.

Frankly, why cannot Europe defend itself against Russia or anyone for that matter. It has serious nuclear payloads to highly sophisticated weaponry to a better paid and possibly better trained army to that of Russia.

Is Europe really wanting the United States like it did in World War I and War II to pay for and clean up the messes it has created. One could even argue that Europe is much more tangled into the Russian economy so it makes sense for it to clean up its act with Putin.

George Keenan the brilliant author of the NATO led containment strategy against the Soviet Union had something to say about NATO expansion of more recent years. It was not needed in his view after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Rather he thought such as expansion was provocative and would stimulate the possibility of a frightening response one day from Moscow.

While the response has yet to be frightening, what has happened in the Crimea to Georgia and Moldova makes one ponder.Is NATO like the military industrial complex, self perpetuating for the benefit of NATO bureaucrats and used up political leaders to head it like certain former prime ministers?

Trump has calked NATO out and the vested globalist leaders do not like it – no hate it in fact. NATO is not the brave way for the evolving world. And the younger the generation in the West and the more people oriented the ideology, the more NATO especially in its present configuration looks between demonic and silly and certainly expensive for deficit struggling western countries.

Countries that have huge internal security law and order problems that need focus over what does or does not happen to Estonia, thousands of miles from Washington but much closer to Western Europe where it matters more.

NATO may have to go entirely and be replaced by a more balanced and modern structure that brings the entire western and Orthodox civilizations together. One that will put ISIS in the crosshairs not the western economy and relations with Russia.

Trump on NATO is right by miles over the old style experts who have not adjusted to the post Soviet Union order. They wish instead to reinvent a new Cold War for selfish and unenlightened reasons. One that millennials do not want to have their precious, innocent lives wasted over or their future pension money or jobs.

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