Trump is a Nazi? The establishment’s last viscious, name calling straw to keep Trump from being president ?

There are a lot of people in the media, Bloomberg News most recently, throwing around the Hitler moniker or Nazi one and trying to make Trump wear it.

This is not only malicious and unfounded but reminds one of the Goebbels propaganda tactics of the Hitler regime. It really makes one wonder as to whether the accusers need to more focus on themselves as being the ones guilty of Nazi behavior.

For those less familiar with the history of Nazi Germany of the 1930s to 1945 period, Goebbels was Hitler’s propaganda minister who even had his own young children “suicided” than having them live in a defeated Nazi Germany taken over by people of other races.

So this is the kind of people and their racial fanatics that elements in the media and elites are trying to equate with Donald Trump. It is disgusting and pathetic and it reeks discrimination given that the Trump family has German ancestral origins in part. All discrimination is unfair.

I will instead say indeed that those trying to juxtaposition Trump with Hitler and Nazis are more of the Nazi types in their propaganda slurs. Trump has hired just about anyone in his company including Jews and gays who Hitler had put in concentration camps along with other minorities including gypsies and Freemasons. Is Trump saying he is going to put such people in concentration camps because of their minority origins? Obviously not.

He is saying that certain radical Muslims getting into America have to be prevented in doing so with full energetic efforts. While his screening ideas may be flawed, that does not make him a Nazi or Nazi like. The Israeli government does use profiling to more efficiently identify more probable suspects of terrorism. Does that make Israel a Nazi enclave?

Some people with their zealotry with political correctness and excessive self-interest like to bandy about words like fascists and Nazis against people with very different but not fascist views.

That does not mean I find Trump’s ideas to be savory on keeping new Muslim immigrants from coming into the country albeit it would be a short-term measure. As well, the impracticality of kicking out illegal immigrants who by their status do not deserve to be in the country is another problem as well as various other penalties he is suggesting.

Nevertheless, the attempted labeling of Trump as a Nazi or like Hitler is idiotic and way overboard. It shows that certain elements of the elites, including Bloomberg News are willing to spew out anything to “kill” his candidacy, as well as to get ratings. It also shows a level of desperation as they know Mr.Trump is getting very very close to securing the position of Republican Party nominee for presidency.

These special interest groups and overly privileged are very fearful that Mr.Trump is going to put a big hole in their power base including closing up or down their lobbies, crony capitalistic actions and efforts at decimating so much of the blue collar snd marginalized in de-industrialized regions that have suffered collateral damage due to the elites overly strong attachment to globalism.

The Wall Street bankers cannot believe that someone as powerful as Trump can get away with standing up to them. Thus, they are so worried that they are even looking at supporting Cruz whose wife has been a VP at Goldman Sachs. Their globalism that might have worked for them but not millions of others needs some reviewing and major reform.

Without it, one might have to worry about political extremism growing in the US to the level as seen in Europe. Trump is a release vale certainly nothing close of being a Hitlerite. In this way he is actually doing a service in preventing the level of discontent reaching a crescendo level by more proactively going to the general roots of the problems that are causing a dangerous level of anger beginning to boil up.

But the overall establishments are too greedy and/or incestuous to understand the great hurt of the majority of Americans. This is why they said Mr. Trump did not have a chance of going anywhere on his platform that is so critical to their views. Hence how indignant they are to Trump and their moral vacuity in trying to play the Nazi card in the final efforts to win at any cost.

This is more demonstrative of fascist tactics including rigging the rules against the opposition in the primary contests. And Mr.Trump is sure the opposition to these status quo forces but more importantly the millions who are voting for him. They are tired of the “fascist” rule tactics of the RNC at times, as well to marginalize his great movement for fair change.

If anyone were to be labelled Nazis in America they might be better found in certain elements of the corporate, banking snd media and certainly ISIS. (Read my book Zurabia as a kind of worrying “roman de clef” on this )

Elements of the establishment whose zealotry in portraying Mr. Trump as a Hitler is right up their with the demonic fascism of people like Goebbels. It is time to point the finger at those more likely to be be the extreme right, if not in values then certainly in tactics – not Mr.Trump.

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