“Trump is a Ruskie”: Feminists have gone “mad” with such slurs and suggested violence

I have actively in the past worked to get women into the leadership role of a major Canadian political party and maybe am still trying. I have also pushed for more women CEOs of banks and this shows in an interview of me in Manhattan.

But by what I saw in recent demonstrations, some quite sizable in the United States in particular, makes me believe that the feminist movement has been hijacked by hate fomenting and slurring ones in too many cases. It would be best if the views of conservative to moderate feminists were also reflected in such activist movements but they have instead been largely squeezed out by the alienated militant activists. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/nov/ 17/feminist-vote-for-donald-trump-women-hillary-clinton-gender

Too many signs by these demonstrators against Trump were appalling and demonstrative of the absence of moderates. One which said “Trump is a Ruskie” implying clearly they thought he is a foreign agent working for Putin is disgusting. There is a lot of that nonsense going on by certain ‘feminists” against those with nice things to say about Putin.

There are truly weird and irrational people especially in the West in their over reactions to those wishing to have a more moderate relationship with Putin. Maybe this is in part because the liberal-socialist dominated feminist movement, the one out to make noise in the streets, sees him mistakenly as a misogynist and lesbian basher.

What some of those demonstrators said with their sign “Trump is a Ruskie” is up their with the red baiting of McCarthyism of the 1950s or Stalinist propoganda campaigns. Then there is Madonna’s shocking well covered views about blowing up the White House, pure mental case type of thinking and hysterical.

I can understand some of the frustration by such liberals to socialists as the first serious woman candidate (and a liberal) for the US presidency was defeated by a male candidate that on occasion made some stupid misogynist remarks. But by the real actions that count by who he hires and empowers, there needs to be more balance in criticism of the now, President Trump.

Firstly he hired more women executives than most major development companies and put his daughter in the number two position after himself. He paid them extremely well in his organization. Most importantly, he was the first elected president to hire a woman as a campaign manager.

Why do these instances not get these feminists’ attention? That is because they do not fit their narrative and they are emotionally bitter with little reservation about Hillary Clinton losing. Their Hillary did not get in so they feel they will make non-feminist Trump pay?

They should work to get a better woman candidate positioned for 2021 presidential elections, if they must. This is instead better than all this hostile whining and pure lunatic madness in some case of saying Trump is not their president while visualizing violence against him.

However, these types of manic outpourings on the street by too many of the demonstrators and speakers, though far from all undermine feminism. It makes the movement look extreme and chauvinistic not only agsinst Trump but the majority of men who supported him. That type of criticism is grossly simplistic and unfair to both the President and his supporters.

It makes the movement look like one that is bordering on being a band exuding of “shrieking” men haters that need therapy. That might be composed of unlucky women who have had disproportionately bad experiences with some males and built a whole “hate manifesto” on it. That possibly in some instances have not tried hard enough to understand the male disposition and accept it or more positively try to work with it and modify it where it deserves such.

It also shows a high degree of uncompromising behaviour and in the more extreme a narcissistic, self-centred behaviour for which too many feminists accuse men of. So sad.

And it is one that refuses to accept that people like conservatives can be pro women in power like Rona Ambrose, interim head of the Canadian Conservative Party or Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager. Too much of feminism is stuck in a neo-Leninist-Marxist, left wing and 1960s liberal time warp.

And the Russian Marxists never elected a woman as leader of the Soviet Union, anyway or appointed a woman even to their powerful central bank. But Vladimir Putin has in the latter situation under his authority. And they hate Putin too because he acts like an alpha male sometimes like Trump. Oh, too bad and grow up not all is lost to women power because of such behaviour of men iding bareback without a shirt or shooting tranquilizers into polar bears so as to tag them for environmental studies.

I blame the education system partly for inflaming of this man hating/dislike version of feminism that wishes to emasculate men from doing rough and adventuresome activities. Even top role models of men are lacking in some school programmes if not in the powerful messaging of TV commercials and other advertising. Hollywood often does not help either or the media.

But given the damage against mainstream feminism, many of these hate filled or highly alienated demonstrators have shown, be they celebrities who move huge amounts of money into liberal campaigns, I say one thing. My reaction to all of it is that I would never say like my prime minister that I am a feminist.

Such a statement is strongly supported in politically correct Canada that looks so favourably on hyper feminism that the PM has appointed 50 percent women in his cabinet. I would just appoint the best as Trump has and if that meant the majority were women or men so be it -or 50 percent.

I am now clearly a masculinist-feminist. Due to my distaste to this anti-Trump behaviour and statement by too many of the demonstrators and especially their invited speakers. I support men downtrodden by women not Trump hating women while still supporting efforts to promote more women’s equality.

The women’s movement has done some very bad image damage to itself in front of the silent majority of both moderate men and women. They have shown themselves to be more of a highly persistent, evermore obsolete, big special interest and divisive group. Moderate feminists with sound goals have their work to do to recapture the momentum from these anti-Trump screeching, men “hating” hot heads and false Madonnas.


It is really time for many in the feminist movement to grow up and act more one would expect them to be as adults.

P.S. On the numbers who read this site by the way. I know for a fact some key policy makers and opinion shapers read this from time to time. But yes,I would like to get the volume of my audience up so by word of mouth tell others to read it if you can. (Since I wrote this, I have seen a 500 percent increase in traffic to this site.)

It takes a lot of PR work which just is not my thing to get it back to a thousand to four thousand hits per day. But nevertheless some of the originality of the material is benefitting political dialogue and progress.

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