Trump is a Secret Agent for Russia: Here is my fake news on it

Please note this is a parody .

Donald John Trumpsky grew up in an orphanage in Novosibirsk. At the age of four he was smuggled out of Russia to Funcie, Indiana through the help of a double agent attached to the US embassy.

He was to be used in an elaborate scheme of placing Russian orphans among pro-Kremlin, Russian Orthodox priests who became their teachers. In fact Trumpsky can speak near perfect Russian and can recite Das Kapital, page by page.

So in fact, Trumpsky as a birther never grew up in America and must be disqualified by the electoral college on constitutional grounds. Even if one does not  disqualify him by that law,  it must be done on grounds of treason as Trumpsky was a KGB planted sleeper. In fact it was  a programme  formulated by Vladimir Putin’s mentor, KGB head  Andropov.

Trumpsky was bailed out of his bankruptcies by Russian (mob) oligarch money under Putin’s instructions. Many Russians were told to buy his most expensive suites, not for their superb quality but so as to get important cash in his hands.

The idea has always been to put a Russian sleeper at the top of the US military-political complex and ended up being an over 60 year old successful project. That rather than invading the US, has always been what Putin and his inner core wanted. That is to take control politically through subterfuge and through  investing massively in Russian sleepers and favourites..

Trump through his new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, also a former sleeper orphan will relay instructions from President Putin on how to “better run” America. Alaska will be returned to Russia, all sanctions will be lifted and the old Soviet Union will be restored but under the name  of the Great Russian Federation. Canada will be split up between the two as Poland once was once done by Germany and  Russia.

Given the author, here is a first class, independent source of intelligence information due to his connections to the Kissinger institute at Harvard, the Senate Committee on Russian Activities in America will hear his evidence. And considere it as indisputable fact.

Based on it and collaborative unidentified sources at the CIA (actually just outside temporary visitors and one,David Morell who has been discredited  on his way out and just gives visitor  tours )  it will  be strongly recommended that the electoral college dismiss Trump from gaining office.

Failure for such information to be considered in time, will then result in impeachment hearings to take place against the Russian agent  Trumpsky and his KGB cabal of  Montefort, Page, Tillerson and Flynn, all in the pay of the Ruskies.

Senator Joseph McCarthy’s playbook will be used to drive out this dreadful new Red Menance. Mr.Putin, you have failed with your absolutely masterful, all powerful subterfuge to take over the White House.

CNN will prevail , the DNC will prevail, Hillary will reign with a thousand furies on you. Mr.Putin, we will deliver freedom to your  people and make you all Americans, even if we have to declare nuclear war in the end so you can respect us again! So there. Ha,Ha,Ha.


I.M.Strangelove, Ph.d


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