Trump May Win the “War on (Fake) Journalism”: Excluding main ones from White House neither desired nor needed for him to win

Donald Trump has finally had it. A variety of the media has been consistently trying to destroy him. Either their facts are distorted and excessively one way negative or they are fake news among some of these organizations.

In my opinion as a former freelance journalist writing for two high circulation newspapers, I have never seen such an unprecedented effort by major media outlets to destroy or even just try to thoroughly delegitimize a democratically elected leader of a G7 major country -at least at the near starting line of his or her tenure.

With such pressures, something had to go and it could be part of the US media’s attendance at various White House press pool events,consistently. There is however, the near certainty that more favourable media will be invited in for their first time.

Frankly, I think the president holds up quite well kicking the ass out of some of these organizations for their distorted coverage of him. Pardon my nomenclature used by Senator Lindsey Graham at a prestigious security conference to swear at Russia.

I thus can sympathize with the White House wanting to ban some of these media outlets, and for now extending more invitations to friendlier and more factual ones in their minds like Breitbart. Probably, Trump’s base will be more ecstatic by his asking more exclusions or is that inclusions that are more favourable to the Trump view. This is not so necessary, however

Unfortunately such exclusions or inclusions of new, singularly, highly pro-Trump media to the White House journalist pool list will further turn off some of these Trump loathed major media (web based) organizations by not being added.

Freedom loving independents are needed by President Trump for generating sufficient public support for his agenda. This agenda needs convertibility in Congress and even among the so-called “independent” judiciary part of which is elected. A little bit of peace with the media might not be so bad in this way.

Also, the president has overall control over press conferences, such as deciding who gets to ask questions and how many. Given his generally stellar abilility to put some of what he calls “fake news” reporters in their place, there really is not a major need to isolate further the likes of the Washington Post, New York Times and CNN etc. Besides his fan base loves it when he roasts them in front of the cameras.

They are becoming more and more like his play toys. This excludes on occasion where he bungles some stats and other information supporting his views. Their criticism of him in proportionate levels to the issue at hand is fair game.

If the president does wish to exclude to some degree the access to the White House of certain mainstream journalists who cover the White House, I do not think it is strategically sensible overall. It reinforces the ridiculous narrative being spread that he is an autocrat and wannabe fascist leader.

It is clear that these two newspapers, the New York Times and Washington Post and, in addition, CNN are out to get him. While for the most part being Democratic Party pushers of liberalism which is their fair choice, they have gone too far with their negative and maligning coverage against him from a professionalism perspective.

This is especially so in the case of their fixation to him and his administration regarding all things of President Putin of Russia. While Press Councils may be stacked with anti-Trump liberals, I would suggest that the White House send official complaints there. And publicize them line by line as to the factual distortions and excess bias.

The media is not well liked by the public especially Trump’s base. He could weekly attack them and many Republicans would salivate at the prospect. But unfortunately many of his detractors in Congress including people like Senators McCain, Graham and possibly Rubio would use it as a chance to get closer to the media and up the stakes against his agenda.

It is my firm understanding that the liberal globalist elites knowing they have lost the election now wish to either weaken this administration beyond belief and/or eventually get President Trump impeached. There are powerful forces extremely upset with the spreading trend line to populism. Trump is like a political lung in breathing more air into these movements and undermining the establishment’s obsolete political order or at least partially so.

They have trillions and cannot stand his effective ability to embarrass some of these powerful families and groups, holier than holier with their views on the sanctity of all things liberalism injected with US (western) exceptionaliam inclusive of interventionism.

As I argue, a compromise is needed of what I refer as a new inter-nationalism with a number of economically stabilizing policies for the marginalized. Read my other blog articles on this. The uproar over media is distracting the president from getting his important agenda confirmed by Congress and the judiciary.

“Celebrity journalistic kill” programmes of saying you’re fired to journalists is not that helpful to promoting that agenda. However, given the ridiculous pseudo-propaganda by some member of the fifth estate against the White House, they may find themselves justifiably marginalized and isolated towards using government sources that are highly politically anti-Trump. These are ones that are willing to spin to try and get a boss removed they feel threatened by.

These rabid efforts to thoroughly undermine the presidency in its early stages are sad for American cohesiveness and government reform. The war on ISIS for example or against the deteriorating “rust belts” does not need to be distracted by a war between the White House and the media. But let’s face it, it is going to happen as these two sides have a visceral dislike even disdain for each other.

So be it, I suppose but it could be different if both sides decided they were not going to turn it into a cock fight with the necessity of the loser being “extinguished”. That is where it is headed.

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