Trumpian Order Geopolitically Defined and Preferred (And thoughts on John Bolton’s use)

My thesis has been that NATO and the West in general need to modernize their militaries, especially in ways that will efficiently deal with the current challenges.

That the waste in the Pentagon means that what President elect Trump likely intends to do can be done with less expenditure in the end.

Such savings from more rational government,including in military expenditure could also be directed to the poor and struggling. This should include the inner cities to promote internal domestic stability through better balanced, national development.

This must also be seen as a key to the success of the new Trumpian order including more decent opportunities for American workers, youth and seniors.

A strong America inside is a strong America without.

Poverty, underemployment and burgeoning debt are killers too in their own way.

However, along with this understanding is that quality military expenditure is unfortunately not the case for much of the rest of the West and NATO.

It sometimes makes one wonder about these countries’ overall will to survive, now and certainly in the future in what I have been describing for years as the increasingly brutal world.

This especially combines with Brussels’ approaches on EU expansion, open borders, refugee policies, alienation of Britain, economic stagnation and creditism etc, etc.

Government at almost all levels especially in the West has become too problematic in much of what it does. Here though I will focus on what the West needs to do so as to more efficiently secure itself.

The key major immediate security threats to the West are stemming from terrorism and whether it can sufficiently prevent it including the most horrific forms of it. This is clear.

To do so, the West needs to fully guarantee massive follow-up including an efficient strike-back capability if there are especially any huge attacks on the West like what was seen in 9/11.

The second is preventing illegal refugees and immigrants from pouring over western borders by land, sea (and air) and being directly and indirectly used as attack or blackmail weapons.

This is the weapon of mass population displacement and destruction, I call it.

The next is securing Israel’s survival and lastly dealing effectively with the North Korean threat.

Any state leadership proven directly to be aiding and abetting terrorists against the West (or Israel) should really worry about being subject to their obliteration and the seizing of all of their accessible financial resources.

To ensure such retaliatory attacks minimize losses in the West and minimize collateral civilian damage requires modern intelligence and  pinpoint, high tech based attack capabilities with quality defence intelligence infrastructure.

A sufficiently acceptable western military includes particularly up-to-date modern rocketry and nuclear weaponry or activities supporting the construction of such weapons against questionable states of serious threat to Israel’s and the West’s security.

Therefore, North Korea cannot be forgotten as being a more pressing nuclear threat to western allies such as South Korea and Japan.

Remember, Israel effectively destroyed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear programme and Assad’s of Syria.

Israel could do this because it had modern weaponry and quality defence and general intelligence combined with popular will.

The world is safer for it and is not on the cusp of World War II because of it.

Military and intelligence strategists take note.

Syria is a believer about what will happen to it if it gets involved again in anything capable of being used for making nuclear bombs.

They should have really known that from the beginning.

Certain other nations need to know this.

They or at least their nuclear programmes should really be at risk of being obliterated if they try to build any nuclear weapons or more of them.

Whether the Israelis should themselves possess such a large nuclear force though on the long run is another question.

No country must be allowed to have nuclear weapons in the explosive Middle East, centre of fanatical terrorists who would put a bomb in everyone’s garage in America if they could.

A denuclearized Middle East and keeping nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists and rogue states must be a high priority with serious results of preventing the serious risks of it.

Realism is needed in America also being able to have enough of a military budget to help tiny, more democratic Israel to secure its position in a region concentrated with terror, instability, Islamic extremism and possibly certain unsustainable forms of authoritarianism that could collapse into worst forms.

Israel’s success as a democracy in identifying and wiping out these terrorist fanatics is our success, as well as containment of rogue regimes from further infecting  the region.

On the matter on how to pay for the US improving its security given its massive, ridiculous deficit and debt.

According to the Washington Post, even an internal investigation within the Pentagon itself has identified 135 billion US dollars of waste.

More savings are likewise available in other parts of the government, as stated.

No other than the military hawk, Senator McCain has complained about it for donkey years.

One could argue that a more independent report might find worse wastage.

This wastage should be massively eliminated.

This is one of the worse forms of crony capitalism but does not mean all defense contractors are serial wasters of US taxpayer money.

It also takes two to tango, including make sure what the Pentagon is asking for from them is reasonable.

Again, such savings could be put to good use in improving the crumbling infrastructure in certain inner and rural cities, which could be inclusive of improved military infrastructure in those locales.

Sorry, on the matter of Russia, I do not see it as a major threat to the West but as a potential ally against Islamic extremists and terrorism.

I lived in Russia and have to say the vast majority of Russian people wish to partake in western capitalism and are crazy about purchasing American products, services and even accessing US top standard education.

At least for now but Washington has been working hard in helping to make average Russians despise us.

From their own experience, the majority of Russians are even more convinced of the failure of left-wing policies that some in the Democratic Party embellish.

Thus, Russians abandoned wholesale, communism and might only return to it if western policies force them to.

Poor countries have a greater tendency to be attracted to socialism than prosperous ones.

My new book “Operation Golden Bear” about Russia in 2025 shows such potential risks of Russia’s return to a communism but with strong nationalistic characteristics at least under certain strong western applied sanctions and political scenarios.

Russians  are also the most committed to Christian values, conservative ones with the highest church attendance.

I was amazed to see how many churches there are in Moscow and their popularity.

It was once considered to be the eastern Rome because it is the centre of the great Eastern Orthodox Church of the former Eastern Roman Empire,

That church moved to Moscow and Kiev after Islam took over Istanbul, a city called Constantinople at the time.

Many westerners have no idea of the deep Christian roots in Moscow.

Over time and without being threatened into a corner with unproductive sanctions, Russia will evoke its own improved type of  democracy probably more in keeping with a Singaporean type of  benign political  authoritarianism  not only Russia’s socially conservative Christian based values.

Remember, Singapore is a country very much considered as a very acceptable ally ofthe West.

That is even if Singapore’s form of democracy is very different to America’s and not enamoured by Washington’s neo-cons and liberals.

The world is diverse and largely we have to accept that fact.

On the question of China where I have also lived, it is one of the most pro-business countries in the world and it will inevitably over time modify its political models as it has been doing.

Patience is required to keep economic reforms progressing, including political ones if not so much on the trade one.

The small island disputes in the South China Sea will test the West and its allies but China knows of  the superior US naval capabilities, particularly submarine ones.

They are also aware of Trump’s military modernization ideas.

It makes any uncompromising position on these islands’ ownership to be untenable.

Both China and America, and the overall international community will have to negotiate some face- saving agreement.

This could include  long-term leases and demilitarization of the areas around these islands inclusive of mutual fishing,  mineral, oil and gas exploration rights.

This can be done with patience, again and smart rather than dumb, sycophantic diplomacy.

Such an interim, but medium to long-term agreement would be helpful.

China is too big a part of the US and  the overall western economy prosperity puzzle to end up as a strategic threat of clear and present danger.

Let us get on with the real civilization threats against three key parts of the world.

That is against the West, the more reasonable Orthodox East that can be a light if not strong western ally and China, which may be a strategic competitor but can be compatible to anti-terrorism goals of the former two.

But the latter, China  can be a western prosperity enhancer overall even if it has some troubling trade behaviour that needs attention.

We also need the Chinese on side regarding the mad cult state of North Korea with its capability of readily deliverable nuclear bombs to the major economies of South Korea and Japan and who knows, maybe China one day.

Therefore, the Chinese are finally moving against the North on sanctions since the Chinese cannot but help  understand the dangers of this regime to them, even if it has been a useful buffer state.

The Chinese cannot be alienated if North Korea is to be prevented from going, full nuclear rogue.

In summary, NATO must get a better grip on what needs to be their  real  priorities in a whole new strategy taking in the current realities, not the ones of the 1940s when it was founded.

This will lead to Russia’s greater support for reducing border tensions with Europe.

It will reduce tensions for sanctions being maintained on Russia which are hurting both  large parts of Russia and Europe, badly.

Read my blog articles on ISIS as how to wipe them out on this site. Russia plays a huge constructive role to this end under a number of scenarios and thus really needs to be brought on side.

It is very simple. Are we going to go to war against China and Russia like the neo-cons and liberal interventionists would greatly risk ?

Then ISIS would love the resultant increased weakening of these two anti-ISIS bulwarks and the huge anti-ISIS West.

With sane expenditures for the strategically correct military items and personnel, including veterans,  western and global security could be greatly improved over certain failures of both the Obama and Bush junior years.

But whatever changes in US policy, Trump will likely not be able to have more geopolitical success than during most of the Nixon-Kissinger or Reagan years.

But we shall see from this very fast learner, hard worker and great absorber of information from many dimensions as to what clearer geopolitical specifics he has. He needs to more than tweet changes on the run.

Instead, he needs to provide a new coherent broad vision of both American realism as well as sufficient idealism in his first one hundred days.

More on the former will be required given America’s current declining economic position over recent decades and the degraded efficiency of many European NATO countries contribution to securing their borders where it really counts.

Such major changes could underpin a Trumpian order than ensures much greater security through strength, economic sustainability and greater prosperity for the many than the few.

A last  element for further discussion is real international development that actually reduces global poverty, fiscal wastage and corruption.

It is essential to the longer term success of such a Trumpian vision.

Without it, greater global stability from the Trumpian order will be put to risk as being more short-term than an enduring legacy after his presidency is completed.

A poor external world, including a byproduct of trillions wasted on half-baked Third Workd development projects, corruption and bad international  institutional banking and funding (World Bank, IMF, UN)  does not secure America.

I am confident that given the brain power, tenacity and successful records of the nominated Trump cabinet, major change can happen to make for a seriously improved America and a  better world.

Again, we shall see if Congress helps or hinders this as well as various extreme liberals to the hard left Democratic Party allies.

P.S. John Bolton would be an excellent choice as special Undersecretary of State on global corruption and waste and finding non-regime change approaches to helping nations better fight such problems, particularly where US money is involved.

Just look at Ukraine where hundreds of millions if not billions of US “aid” was stolen. And/or wasted.

He was a successful maverick at the UN on eliminating waste and corruption particularly connected to US taxpayer money that represents a huge chunk of the UN budget.

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