Trumps’ Policies Beginning To Be Favoured by Canadian Mainstream Electorate

I am actually mystified with these poll findings from this website

If true, then Canada may not be so hopeless in getting overly absorbed with political correctness and opening itself to more terrorism hits at home. That Canadians want more intelligent security and a focus on bettering the country and dealing with serious issues at home like more jobs – just like Trump.

The implication is that there may be a better chance for the Conservatives to win the next federal election. Though I am still keeping to my prediction of a minority government win for Trudeau followed by a few years later with a defeat if the Tories can pick the right leader.

If Trump is economically successful with his agenda and with the preoccupation of so many Canadians looking South, Trudeau could have his hands full. And I doubt given Trudeau’s lavish praise for former President Obama that he can be seen as the most useful interlocutor with the US president. Prime Ministers with bad to so-so relationships with US presidents are generally not favourable to Canadian interests given that 75 percent of Canadian exports go to the US.

Yes, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the Tories getting back in power for the next election. Though I still doubt it given the degree of bilingualism and biculturalism, PR packaging and Trudeau branding.

A superstar would likely have to join the Tory leadership race and I see none on the horizon to sufficiently challenge him. There is more opportunity to win with the possibility of Maxime Bernier, former executive of the giant Standard Life Insurance company and former foreign affairs minister politically knocking off Trudeau.

But first he needs to get elected as Tory leader and past those who want to keep playing up the scandal of his former biker girl friend having got access to secret marked government documents he had left carelessly at her place.

Politics is nasty business and even a great contender saint can come out muddy as we are seeing with the presidential candidacy of Francois Fillon in France. Go get’m tiger “Mad Max”. Allons-y against those self-righteous and unforgiving liberal hypocrites and opportunists.

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