US sanctions against Russia should stop immediately: Will happen by year end

President Trump will soon be having a telephone call with Vladimir Putin. In that call Trump in principle should say that he is strongly for getting rid of sanctions. They are counterproductive and this year the French government will be likely removing support for them. Many Eastern European countries are against them and Austria and Finland are lukewarm at best towards sanctions.

They have cost billions of dollars of economic damage especially to struggling European farmers and the agricultural sector and have even badly affected US military rocketry and likely cooperation on the global fight against terrorism.

Trump should put out an executive order in principle stating the US government is intent to have a full scale meeting with Russia to end sanctions.

It should include talks to demilitarize Ukraine and jointly provide development dollars and mechanisms to rebuild the demolished country. He should not recognize Crimea as part of Russia until an appropriate referendum is carried out under the full monitoring of the OSCDE that meets the norms of international law.

All borders between NATO countries and Russia should be stepped down in terms in militarization with OSCDE observers monitoring these border areas. There should be a freeze on new NATO membership in Europe and Asian countries bordering Russia.

It should be noted that Prime Minister May is against removing sanctions. UK sanctions against Moscow is for the British people to decide, just as for Germans to decide what is best for themselves and for any other country for itself. But, if the US gets rid of sanctions, more European countries will likely follow.

Meanwhile, bellicose Senator McCain along with his fellow Senators Graham and Rubio seem hell bent to try to legislatively block the US president from getting more cooperation with Russia. The White House needs to move fast and hard against this legislative putsch from these neocons.

I predict sanctions against Russia will be gone by the end of the year. Even if Congress some how stops or delays their removal, it will be a deluge of their removal after the new French government gets in. It will begin without Senator McCain’s approval of continental Europe eliminating them or greatly mitigating them.

That at the same time, McCain and Graham’s power will become greatly dissipated on mattters Russia. That within the Trump term McCain will be removed or resign from being chair of any serious Senate committee. Again whether it is all that material based ion what former house speaker, Newt Gingrich said about McCain is another question in the power twilight of this senator.

It is for each nation to decide its foreign policy and in the US the president largely heads it especially as Comnander in Chief. McCain may need to be reminded of that by the leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell that no “fifth columnists” against the administration will be entertained in the Senate either – period- not only in Ukraine.

Trump has spoken repeatedly throughout the election campaign without reservation about making a supreme effort to cooperate with Russia especially in fighting terrorism.

I believe he will fulfil his mandate and promise to the people on this partly by restaffing those security and foreign policy sections that count in ensuring he delivers. With a good meeting with Putin, I would say by year end all or most major US and most European sanctions against Russia will be ended or in serious process of being ended.

And if fortunate, a new trade and investment deal between the West and Russia to up prosperity will begin to start taking shape all while NATO is modernized and refocused to protect western borders agsinst illegal migrants, extremists and terrorists. Russia’s cooperation to this end will be beneficial. However the “War Party” in Washington will go absolutely manic before the writing dries on any agreement and is signed. I look forward to that day.

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