Exit of “Fifth Columnists” and Such Advocates Due to Trump: Expect stepped up viscous counter reaction

Victoria Nuland, the State department point person for Europe who helped support the overthrow of the Ukraine government and the installation of her chosen one as prime minister has resigned according to Sputnik News.

This is the official who in a monitored conversation with the US Ambassador to Ukraine said f*** off to the EU over Ukraine and that US government billions had been spent essentially to put Ukraine right for US neo-con interests.

I have been publicly asking for her resignation for many months given the extent of the horrendous fall-out in Ukraine due in part to what even President Obama described as being an “overly zealous official”.


This is but one example consistent to the assertion of President Trump that he is not going to put up with a “Fifth Columnist” approach to proactively overly interfering with the internal affairs of countries including overthrowing governments. Prime Minister May of the UK has endorsed this approach in a recent speech and even went further saying her government would be avoiding invasions carried out by the UK.

If these pro fifth column individuals are dangerous to international security, one has to wonder how they will apply themselves to the domestic environments now that they are beginning to depart. Trump getting to power is the very worse scenario for them as he trounces the world order they have been trying to set up with clique elitist societies in no small part.

The ardent supporters of the offensive Wolfowitz approach of pushing a value and military Pax America widely, including the invasion of Iraq, directly or de facto is out as policy.

Because with Trump’s election there will be no compromise approach to encourage such doctrinaire people in high US office. Rather they may be encouraged to leave and/or to be largely turned into outsiders or kept at a good distance. That will make for a safer US and safer world and a more prosperous one. The serious number of departures from the State department may be indicative.

These top remaining neo-con, pro Wolfowitz people include Senators McCain and Graham, two senior senators who are still stirring the pot to press the US public to support an emboldened and aggressive NATO against Russia.

One can see though even these two are to some degree on the back foot as they let Rex Tillerson be confirmed as Secretary of State. Mr.Tillerson like Mr.Trump has been equated by the neo-con, liberal interventionist crowd as being a Putin puppet or way too soft on Russia.

McCain for heavens sake is still talking about the Russian honour award given to Tillerson. What was Tilerson supposed to do as Exxon CEO at the time or even afterwards, throw it back at Putin with a dart. These neo-cons are really border-line when it comes to Russia, it would seem. They cannot see almost any reason to cooperate with Moscow.

With their people ever removed in major government positions, indeed expect an even further stepped up reaction against Trump and his “pro-detente” with Russia supporters. This ongoing reaction was predicted by the esteem Professor of Princeton and New York University, Stephen Cohen. Go to The Nation/Stephen Cohen to follow his stellar interview on Russia and the John Batchelor show.

Trump will need to do a thorough house cleaning of those dark elements within the CIA and State Department. Otherwise his more Reaganistic policy of not overly interfering in foreign states will be sabotaged by a Fifth column aligned with former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and former president George Bush Jr. Nuland was a pro-Clinton appointee and there are many many of such supporters in State who would be thoroughly happy to see Trump be pushed out of office.

The identification of those who have aggressively undermined Trump during the election campaign within the bureaucracy and are determined and unrepentant neo-cons and interventionists need to be defanged. On-the-other-hand, true foreign affairs specialists with real expertise and not overly partisan and not anti-incoming administration should be kept.

If there is not an assertion of keeping real professionals in the government along with the removal of those with a fifth columnist mentality, Trump just like former Secretary of State Kerry will be grossly undermined by certain Washington insiders. And that will be every step of the way in his efforts domestically and with Russia, Middle East peace and certainly with China and probably Mexico,too.

Make no mistake, the Trump administration is in the fight of its life against these old order manipulators and followers of the Wolfowitz doctrine. He and his people will have to move swiftly otherwise he could find himself a fifth columnist victim like the former president of Ukraine and many others. I kid you not.

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