Wacky Liberals on the Start of the Road to Provoking Trump to Declare Martial Law?

It is clear that there has been developing a clear and present danger of major elements of what I call the wacky left (Madonna and other Hollywood hysterical anti-Trump elements and well beyond) trying to delegitimize the US president to point of near sedition.

They are also trying to create conditions of civic disruptions at airports that undermine the basic rights of citizens to move freely and the question is what next? http://www.dailykos.com/

Pierre Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada (father of Justin Trudeau, current Canadian PM) in the 1970s invoked “martial law” through the War Measures Act to get at a number of terrorists. https://legionmagazine.com/en/2015/09/face-to-face-was-prime-minister-pierre-trudeau-justified-in-invoking-the-war-measures-act-during-the-flq-crisis-of-october-1970/

So there has been a precedented situation in modern day North America by no other than a man who had an overall impeccable background in human rights to bring in martial law. It was done at least temporarily when the security of the civil population was at serious risk.

People should not be naive that if a great human rights promoter like Justin Trudeau’s father felt the need to introduce martial law in lovely, anti-Trump sophisticated Canada, then why would it not be theoretically possible if conditions merited for the present US administration to do so, as well.

I think conditions in America (possibly excluding places like South Chicago?) have not got to those conditions of anarchy that made Justin Trudeau’s father introduce martial law. But given the provocations of certain celebrity icons, one talking about blowing up the White House, one wonders what is next? What is going to come from those wacky elements and others who think they can destroy the president’s ability to govern with the going ins en masse of Trump hate movements.

The boycotting of the presidential inauguration by many congressional Democratic Party representatives, including one saying he does not consider Trump to be president and won because of Russian president Putin’s interference, could be seen as inciting insurrection and overthrowing the president in some circles.

Some of the wacky liberal left may wish to provoke strong arm reactions by Trump and create at the street level, be it at airports or through other transportation, the inability of Trump to govern under regular legal circumstances. This they think might fully delegitimize the president and get him (nearly) impeached or pressured to resign by the Washington establishment in a kind of suing for civil peace. As the Chinese say, beware what you wish for.

By the way here is a critical aspect of a definition of martial law from a US perspective from Wikipedia.

“Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.”

If the wacky left tries to shut down the country and keeps talking about the president not being legitimate, including some inferring Trump should be assassinated, law authorities may require extra authority to prevent or put down insurrection.

Let us hope the situation does not get anywhere near in atmosphere or conditions that got Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada to introduce martial law. So let Trump do his job to prevent the terrorists coming in and spreading their harm as they did in the past in Canada and France.

Thus let cooler heads dominate on both political sides and recognize the positive security aspects of his executive order. Because Trump, the duly elected US President has the right to govern and protect Americans from the brutal world abroad.

If he is thoroughly impeded by insurrection and sedition, he also has the right to counter that strongly as US President. He just did that in a way by kicking out the acting Attorney General for not executing his legitimate orders on immigration. Good on him

A Canadian prime minister or most western leaders have that right, as well as we even saw in France with their emergency measure laws suspending habeas corpus. It was introduced by Socialist Party President Hollande so as to fight terrorism.

The majority of the electorate in France are not complaining about it by the way though a few are https://www.hrw.org/news/ 2016/07/22/france-prolonged-emergency-state-threatens-rights France is a country that gave America the Statue of Liberty and was one the first countries ever to put forward a bill of rights.

Despite these emergency measures suspending basic rights of individuals not be held without being charged and without a summary trial, Hollande is bellyaching so much against the human rights aspects of Trump’s new temporary orders on refugees. He needs to hang his head in hypocritical shame one might contend.

Enough said about the hypocrisy of the wacky liberal left (excluding the more clearheaded liberals who want law and order) trying to make Trump look like a reactionary dictator over refugees and law and order issues.

Their loud noise against him can also border on being disgusting and manipulative chicanerie to create conditions to get Trump illegitimately thrown out of office. They would like that and would do just about anything to make it occur despite his having won the election, fair and square. They will not succeed come hell or high water and because of martial law, if absolutely and if sadly necessary.

Let us hope this is totally avoided because it would be a black mark on western democracy the day such a law would be applied.

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