Wall Street, “Lyin” Ted Not Needed: Put a real “he-man” in against the Washington and bank gangsters

“Lyin” Ted Cruz who did just about anything to steal votes from honorable Ben Carson to win Iowa and committed subterfuge to win the Colorado primary is at it again.

On the day many big banks showed through their unworkable living wills that they will need huge amounts of cash from taxpayers, he will be attending an event to raise funds from such banks. And big time.

There are two things we can gather. Cruz will be too much in the pocket of Wall Street and acting as their Trojan horse. I explained in a previous blog about his direct attachment to these banker gangsters.

Now he looks like less of a Trojan horse and more of an open supporter whatever his outward negative rhetoric about Wall Street which incidentally has become quieter.

A friend of mine kept on saying that Cruz seemed to have a snicker after what I described as many of his carnival barker acts playing the crowd with hand to heart. Then there are his attempted earnest smiles about how he is a good boy not going down in the gutter snipe politics of Trump. Give me a break.

Ted Cruz is not only a real politician, he is an old style Barnum and BSer with his traveling circus act of deep hypocrisy and snake oil salesmanship.

I and many have documented his deep connections and massive funding for his Senate campaign by Wall Street be it from Goldmsn Sachs to Citicorp. Ted Cruz on top of that like too many bankers has not really created any real value to the economy.In fact, given the record of both the Senate to which he is attached and Wall Street they could be described too often as economic destructive forces.

Contrasted this to Trump’s huge building and development empire of creating massive billions from a million. Contrast this with Trump being proud to brutally break his bankers down to get good deals from them with no apologies. That is what we need in the White House as General George Patton said he desired in warriors – a real “he-man”. Not someone so dependent on his spousal Wall Street connections and purse strings.

Either America is going to put someone in the White House of “blood and guts” variety to undermine crony capitalism and sleazy, two faced politicians or it will continue in the road to mediocrity with an end destination called “obliteration”and eroded global respect.

America, are you going to continue with same old politicians like Cruz or Clinton? Or are you going to fes up and take on your responsibilities of truly rebuilding greatness.

Both pro-Wall Street Clinton and two- faced “Lyin” Ted will not do no matter how much you might dislike The Donald. Put a real man in charge or just whimper along bringing the whole West down, not just yourselves.

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