Warning, Warning to Your Future: Our Establishments Stink and Why

I am in a lovely mountain resort looking at pricy condos, in the lap of luxury and still have little identification with the overall establishment most of whom have a dictatorship of the middle mindset and as patriarchs of this liberal feudalism.

This may sound petulant and too freedom loving, populist and right wing but explains why I do not like to be associated with most of these types at the top. This deference to these high authorities of the mediocre of the middle is extremely obnoxious in much of Canada and Europe.

And by the way, it is not such a bad idea to divorce from these types, as some seem to be a target of disgust and beyond by let us say an increasingly angry and discontented mainstream. There is more of a political rush these days to qualify oneself as an outsider, anyway. No wonder, especially in terms of the public perception of the political elites.

A real problem with too many in the so-called politically correct establishment is that they are often full of themselves, full of “plastictudinal” views that things are well enough with government and cannot or should not be changed. Too many are shallow and overly oriented to consumerism of spend, spend rather than enjoying enough the God given majesty of the mountains and the simple virtues.

And are so status-quo oriented that they look like human crazy glue stuck to most of existing major government policies. As well too many of these, including feudal liberals are boring, intellectually and surprisingly bereft of any wide ideological depth on public policy insightfullness despite high level positions, preppy school educations and Ivy League or other top level schooling.

It shows that formal education is not everything. And that formal education supports too much of the vassal thinking that supports the liberal dominant. Requiring all to sprew out the the overly bowing down to the dictatorship of the centre.

Too many are something of tread mill politically ideological drones despite their serious professional acumen in their areas be it charter accounting to lawyering. In short, they lack personality, militantism, disruptability, individual quirkiness and the revolutionary spirit of the American forefathers and innovators and dynamos from General Patton to Steve Jobs to Donald Trump. They especially, the younger middle age ones to boomers sound emasculated.

In short, they are bland woosies with increasingly limited critical thinking and certainly support such narrow thinking from the masses. The West is becoming like a liberal to socialist dystopia of overly dependent physical and intellectual blobs to government which in turn is overseen by the establishment.

Most essentially, too many of the top decision makers often say things to indicate their overall satisfaction and if not more importantly by their real actions that say they are happy in their cocoons.

Why would so many really fundamentally care about others or challenging the status-quo to make things great. It’s too risky to set such standards, it hurts too much to really change the status quo and is not their business they might add in their great sense of public spirited love of overall community in all its fullness and components – pardon my latter irony. Too many have no public spirit but a spirit to spirit away factories when their profit margins dip.

Yet, they argue these days that politicians are too often going towards populism and making statements about them that are less than flattering. Where is their perspective but again too caught up in themselves and divorced from the average daily challenges?

In light of the above characterization, too many in the current establishment control too many of the politicians the most of whom have produced mediocrity and policies which further concentrate wealth to an increasing small percentage. No wonder the trend is my way of not wanting to be overall socially or politically on their side or visibly associated particularly the economy busting and greedy investment bankers.

Furthermore, too many are socially inbred and siloed off but increasingly it is the disposed who want nothing to do with the “Romney crowd”, a crowd who proudly strut about listing how philanthropic they are. Yet, most could never manage to take a ride on the Greyhound bus or talk to a panhandler or fix a toilet. They give less to charity as a percentage of income than most lower middle income earners. They could make me almost puke.

If Patton, the great American general, maybe the greatest general ever, were to come back in his reincarnated self, he would probably want to slap half in the face, if not kick them in the ass for being such poor shadows of leadership and guts.

I certainly do not say all in the establishment are like that. But most are by either words or more importantly actions including the governments they have significantly lay shape to by commission or omission.

This is especially the case for those who are the enthusiastic fans of the dictatorship of the middle that produce results that get only seven percent of Canadians liking Trump and a US media free-for-all against him. They are not my cup of tea and think big government welfarism can compensate for their excess power and large wealth.

As for the media as the former editor of La Presse wrote to me, he rightfully stated that it lacks imagination – the understatement of the times. And let’s face it. The establishment including their media stooges really hates Trump, who threatens to change their game.

In my view, the horrible dictatorship of the middle combined with crony capitalism is supported strongly or tacitly by the establishment. You can number the panhandlers all over the streets of downtown Ottawa and other such phenomenon of decay.

But do not worry because the establishment types live in much nicer places like the rich suburbs and prefer to ski and shop in Aspen to Geneva in more safety. And most vote Democrat or are enthusiastic of the Republican establishment, again in essence status quo comfortability to themselves and special interests.

Because in part due to the shallowness of this dedication to the middle and political correctness, there has been in the West, picking up on Bill O’Reilly at Fox News, a degradation of culture – no I mean a devolution in too many ways. I thought the idea as a species we were supposed to evolve and America was at the heart of doing much better – at least it was.

How can you have countries in North America with just about three generations on welfare, over a million needles for drug use distributed in Toronto and even free distribution of hard drugs in some western cities. Or the idea that babies can be harvested for parts and abortion is just a surgical procedure. This is just grossly indecent and crazy. If Hillary and Obama thinks this is the exceptionalism that will win over Russians, they must be totally out of their minds.

Hillary Clinton or likely my Canadian prime minister would probably say things are generally overall pretty good. If you look at the massive government deficits and still high debt, all the quantitative easing of money and the gangster banks ready to blow through another credit bubble, what are the politicians thinking and doing?

If you look at so many crappy, low paying jobs being created while higher paying jobs are eliminated and decreasing incomes or so many jobs cannot be properly filled, it has to make you wonder. And then too many job candidates lack the goods because of the general poor education system that is disconnect too often with what’s left of decent job openings in the labour market. You got to think what are Hillary and Obama talking about -America the great? Bull crap.

If they do not know of the extent of these problems, then they have to have been frozen by their people into some kind of political cryogenics. I believe the Trump campaign will probably eventually wake up Hillary along with the damage that Ssnders is doing to her campaign. But just at the moment when the election is over and the results are in.

If you were doing horribly in Mexico and are illegally in the USA getting paid, then you would generally feel better off, well protected by Obama’s policies and ready to vote for him and praise him. That is just not good enough even if it leads to many more votes for Hillary, legal or otherwise from such groups.

Latin Americans or Filipinos coming from “horribly” managed countries full of even bigger gangsters in places like Argentina or Venezuela and Brazil or the Ukraine are rightful to generally feel better off in Canada or the United States. And it is thus easy to see why they better resonate with Hillary saying America is still great. And certainly Syrian refugees feel a whole lot better and think these two countries are plain wonderful.

But should those countries including Syria be the standard by which we measure success for most in the West all with due respect to the very happy convivial Latin Americans I have met. Should we not look at our trend lines more, stagnant growth and excessive and poorly thought out militarism and try to ensure a better not worst future for the next generations.

Lack of decisiveness, and lack of well-thought out courageous policies by our political representatives to tell us the truth that we are well over spending beyond our means and that lobbies reign not the people’s true needs are what is needed. That this is bringing us ever closer to a “Fall of Rome” moment. Maybe that is why more well off – and even not so extremely well-off are looking for more safety outside of much of Canada and especially the US. The excellent and those with high standards over time gravitate to the so-called best countries.

We will need decisive action to repair the moral chord not only the economic disaster governments have supported. But the question is does the current generation including the elderly want to make those sacrifices to ensure government does not become a total basket case eventually seriously eroding even their pensions and youth education opportunities.

Do the Intels of multinational top brand fame want to really create jobs in North America excluding Mexico? Does Congress give a heck if the lobbies that export jobs have given up on America, much of the education infrastructure, tax rates etc. And prefer the taxpayer and loans from China to feed the “fat” consumer beast to keep buying cheaper and other stuff from abroad.

In my opinion it is unlikely that the over indebted governments can turn it around without a certain type of crushing medicine more known to be prescribed by Dr.IMF.I have suggested quantitative easing to the poor and lesswell-off if we must have substantial quantitative easing and less of it going to the big crooked banks.

Let us not be foolish, this huge monster government beast coupled with job exports and a crazy tax system are the fault of the overall establishment. They do not care a fig (or really enough) about deficits and the negative fall-out of high taxes and broken aspects of globalization causing deindustrialization. They are crony capitalists on the government disaster teat.

There is also the highly subsidized defense industry producing important products but way above what they should cost to taxpayers. They are the smug often older people (executives) supporting sending young people to die or get maimed in useless wars to protect certain crony multinationals and banks’ interest.

In summary much of the western establishment is “shit” And I know so from being in class with them for years and observing too many of them subsequently. With their very uncompelling narcissism and arrogance- though far from all.

This may be the last chance of the center wheel of the western establishment, America on top, to come to reality about the moral decay and their selfish, shortsighted economic disastrous policies.

It could too be a last major chance to deal much better with terrorism and protecting minority Christians and other innocents being butchered and slaughtered in the Middle East. To build where possible an alliance of sorts” with countries on the Middle East that are more likeminded. That includes Russia, Jordan, Israel and Egypt beyond just England and Germany. Let us work with those who are “normal” enough with more vigor and the rest on a secondary level. Those who chop off people’s head in public square get second fiddle in cooperation at the very least.

Either we in the West are going to move to a higher moral ground of protecting normative behaviour inclusive of rational individual rights or we are going to fall into a sewer of postmodernism, cultural relativism and eventual collapse or near collapse.

Again, I am not optimistic about the West pulling its thumb from out of its back part. I still think more and more that this century will be Asia’s even with periods of serious retrogression in that region. That I have lived there for almost two decades may have affected my disposition but has also provided powerful insights into their competitiveness and long term potential.

The only way just to begin the process a little but in the right direction is to elect Trump as president. He will have to work out his warts on immigration and women but I believe he will.

It is refreshing not to see the ideological dictatorship of the middle as I see in Canada where you have to practically embrace homosexuality and the tenth degree of multiculturalism and be oriented or fairly open to unhealthy drug usage. Oh yes and obesity being beautiful or acceptable? Where are our standards on individual health responsibility, too. Canada and the US are the fattest countries in the world, mea culpa. Try that for sad ass decadence.

We need a new establishment in power that better reflects the changes above I am indicating. Otherwise we are going to further a society that hugs mediocrity, embraces job and investment loss to Asia and elsewhere and finally goes bankrupt including the ballooning central bank.

Our establishment may be one of the worst and most spoiled and greedy generation in recent history. President George Bush Sr was a war hero, and may have been one of the last wiser presidents of the greatest generation.

Let’s start to clean out this postmodern, decadent circus of insanity by getting as a start Mr.Trump into the White House. I would even go for Bernie Sanders if it was between him and a Trojan Horse establishmentarians like Ted Cruz or Paul Ryan.

Enough is enough with this mediocrity of the dictatorship of the middle in full intensity mixed in with neocons and liberal interventionists that has been shoved down our throats uselessly for half a century off and on. That has increased poverty over the last decades in too many pockets and regions of the continent.

This kind of dictatorship is no longer working in its virulent form. Tolerance yes, but not decadence morally and economically to the point we become both mush and despised by the rest of the world eventually as a poor model.

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