We are truly moving to a new, seemingly alien era: Investors take care

There are a number of distinct lines of progress or devolution that heralded in eras. They were so profound their impact generated often many losers and some new winners from a financial, economic and certainly a social and political perspective.

Those who could read the signs and properly acted upon them where possible either survived – no small feat back then or even today for billions- or went on to pull down easy hanging fruit so to speak.

For example, in 1789 we had the French Revolution culminating from the Rensissance. All of a sudden the individual became of much greater worth and the divine rights of kings to take so much of the economic pie and act like gods began to die out at least in so much of what we call the West.

Well before that we had the Reformation which freed up entrepreneurs and individuals not to be tithed to a level where they were controlled so much financially by the Church of Rome. It was an institution at the time that looked down on finance and business development outside their reins and that of the church supporting aristocracy.

These events made it possible for a better development of the middle class, entrepreneurship and widening of innovation. And so in the end the French Revolution ideas spread to the US helping it in turn to liberate itself from its colonial master and to become a juggernaut of individual and national wealth accumulation and economic development. All sorts of opportunities came about that could be seized by many who had little or no chance before from building and expanding small businesses, greater religious freedom leading to more economic opportunities and so on.

On the negative, the suffering imposed on Germany by the World War I victors combined with severe economic deprivation in that country provided fertile ground for polarization and societal breakdown.Whole groups of people were scapegoated as a quick fix to anger, all of which unjustly led to massive confiscations of property and the strengthening of global fascism and even communism.

When people are grossly deprived because of senseless war and post war terrible aftermath they can lose it and become manipulated more easily by tyranny. At least that is one view explaining when new eras of hatred come about – what can be referred as societal devolution.

We could speak of other eras such as the Industrial Revolution and then the post materialist to silicon chip/computer and the approaching robotic revolution of which we are now in the beginning grasp of.

This goes along with the central and commercial bank era continually bridged with the pro-military industrial complex one, resisting a new vital modernization and restructuring. Overlapping eras are possible on the same geographical areas or one happening within a generation more prominently than another.

If you wish further insight on really what the next era will be like please subscribe using this site. What we are looking at is so game changing and so alien to our regular thinking, it boggles the mind. Its political impact could be devasting for the discrete numbers who run the global society. Or it could consolidate their power and lead to a new era of feudalism.

Good luck meanwhile with the further brutal world ahead during this period of potential significant transformation. Many investors could lose all and some who in a sense could make a fortune by understanding these transformational processes ahead.

Enjoy contemplating what it is about. But be sure a new major era is ahead that will be highly stressful and demanding for the many who do not properly prepare for it.

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