Western Government Bureaucratic Deep States Becoming Evermore Contemptious of the Regular People

When Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump’s followers, deplorables, she was just reflecting the Deep State’s bureucratic leadership’s contempt of many regular American people especially the ones not educated at liberal colleges (particularly, elite ones).

Hillary Clinton and many in her inner circle of zero sensitivity to Joe the plumbers and well beyond in the blue collar column, were basically ascribing to the creed of the devine right of the liberalized political elites to rule America.

Trump was banal, and crude not one of her ‘civilized’ group, thus more reason why he had to lose and would, especially given he did not bow down to the holy grail of political correctness and had no political experience, besides. He was a dud from the first moment he entered the primary race in their overly confident eyes.

Hillary with her friendly Washington insiders’ mindset was supposedly the next in line for the presidency. She even felt the lack of need to go to what so many around her felt was the “grimy” deplorable Midwest, overall for more campaigning.

When she found out that she was not going to be president and that many regular people did not follow up on her liberal media friends’ heavy messaging for her including its pro-feminist slant, it is said she went into a rage. How dare those morons of the Midwest of guns and religiously right wing people deny what was rightfully hers and the liberal autocracy so she thought?

The bureaucracy and much of Congress including the Deep State were ready, if not all, with arms outstretched awaiting for their soulmate to arrive and work hand in hand with her in Washington.

Trump, on on-the-other-hand was a bumpkin appealer braggart and his followers had weird ideas that Washington was to humble itself to populism. How disgusted and defensive they became when a true outsider who did not see the Deep State as useful great “princes” was going to change the game.

The next move by the Deep State after disgust at losing was obstruction and finding or further building upon any narrative that would humble, if not impeach Trump the “traitor” to the royal liberal court.

The first narrative is that Trump is but a pro Ruskie, Putinist ready to give America away to the big bad bear who got him elected. How could their queen of Hillary not have taken her rightful throne? Then there is Trump the Muslim hater, more rubbish. They also wanted to further try Trump the Jew hater and Hitlerite but that never took hold.

Maybe because his daughter and her husband are Jewish and heis the biggest booster of Israel. To orchestrate the Russian narrative, the bureaucracy leaked and provided false information to generate false news supporting the false narrative. It is blowing back in their faces with probes about the leaks and now the mother of scandals that part of the bureaucracy Deep State may have bugged Trump Tower.

These mostly political appointees from the Obama era and the ingrained pro-bloated government types, largely bent to American exceptionalism and interventionism are Obama’s and Hillary’s last soldiers though without their generals and high monarchy in the inner court. They will nevertheless push in sync with destructive activists pumped up by pro-Clinton, pro-Obama PAC money on political steroids until they hope for collapse of the Trump presidency.

Much of the senior US bureaucracy is disconnected to the needs of the US people and can afford to live in a bubble. Too many are more there primarily to keep their mortgages nicely financed of their big homes and lovely life styles to too high a degree. They have lost a sense of mission and are not fit for purpose, including whole sections if not whole departments.

I am talking about the senior managers mostly that help to catapult a non business Georgetown filled with senior bureaucrats, lobbyists and others oversucking on government. Those areas also in nearby Virginia have the highest income per capita on average in the nation.

They will thus fight tooth and nail to keep these perks no matter how unproductive most are including the parts of the overly intrusive bloated bureaucracies of the security apparatuses who will use their special powers among more than a few to try to destroy Trump, is one view. Even the hyper liberal Washington Post has brought out the last point of the security apparatuses having become way too large and powerful.

Large elements of the US bureaucracy including the ones who helped to mess up Ukraine are using “fascist” tactics to upend US democracy some may argue. They are cunning, very much so and will try to work their spell to destroy conservatives especially Trump who is smartly going after their major base and protector- fake news.

They like the Washington political establishment including Senator McCain have made a fatal strategic mistake. They have refused to show loyalty to the rightfully elected US president. To many, if not most American people, it is not so much the press who has become the enemy of the people but a lot of Washington. That is especially the Deep State that brought you Iraq and many Democratic Party congressial representatives not attending Trump’s inauguration and even some seditiously refusing to recognize him as US president.

The arrogance of the US Deep State, liberal globalists is not only expressed around the world but in America itself and so is alarming. This means, given Trump’s determination to cut its wings, we can expect horrible times ahead including false flags, engineered disasters to embarrass Trump that might create collateral damage of undermining the US’s and in turn global security.

They have many narratives and potential roll-out roadblocks to delay if not to ruin the President’s chance of implementing his agenda. We have seen that with the court activists on immigration, etc, etc. And with certain malicious congressional reps.

In short it will be Trump or the Deep State which will reemerge in its full power unless saner minds can facilitate decent solutions to reform the bureaucracy.

There will likely be no compromise in the end as it is a choice between the political devil and a heroic saviour with some exceptions. For the Deep State with its ever ending liberal exceptionslism and interventionist ideology and spend, spend preferences to maintain what de Souza calls the new plantocracy of ‘segregationist’ inner cities and perpetually, are in a “death struggle” with President Trump. Trump wants to raise the status of those the Democratic Party is keeping on the unemployed and welfare rolls of state dependency ‘slavery’.

Time will tell who will win be it the Deep State or the American people. I believe the Deep State has no more bags of huge, surprise tricks left. After so many bad decades they cannot get away with real or figurative assassinations of decent US presidents. We may be seeing a watershed in US democratic development.

Expect fireworks indeed. As a former Canadian bureaucrat myself, I know what I speak of. They are relentless to protect their power and to keep wasting money though certainly not all. The people must succeed despite those who wish to over lord them into a new liberal feudalism to expand both the modern plantocracy, mammoth debt and war destruction.

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