Having a Billion versus a Million: The political difference

There are a lot of people who dream as to what to do with a million. I dream what to do with a billion though again the accumulated aspect of personal material things is not my big thing. I am a thinker and investor not a big consumer.

However, one can argue that a million will not take you far unless for example you are living in some paradisal town in Southeast Asia, Polynesia or the Andean highlands, for example. In parts of California, you cannot even get a bungalow for a million.

But while material concerns are important to many and the billions – that is people – who have little, there is another reason why you might want a billion. To be quite independent ( in opinion) as much as possible to certain demented government authorities and their cronies who have been bullying and stealing from everyone.

Generally, it is also my view excluding those who have inherited a billion that you have to have something special not just greed to get to that level in general in the private sector in most countries.

That skill is the ability to create substantial wealth which often goes along with creating societal benefits of jobs, infrastructure etc. They are in sore need when too many governments and politicians are busy destroying wealth or squandering it aided and abetted by too many bankers at the central to big commercial levels. Yes, Wall Street and Canary “Wolf” that means you.

To the few bankers and hedge fund managers that are billionaires, I say to you I consider you corporate welfare bums or crony capitalists for the most part.

Billionaires who have remained reasonably unleversged and grown through organic growth have a lot to teach us and the piratical investment bankers. Those billionaires who have added manufacturing jobs especially in the West where they are battling sometimes huge insane regulations and burdensome tax codes, you are magnificent particularly if your activities are done in sustainable ways.

So now where does that lead us to but Donald Trump who has created massive amounts of property assets and jobs. And who is free to say it as he does on what is stifling decent growth in America. All billionaires may not agree with him, but his efforts to bring his achieved value to debate should lead other fairly self-made billionaires to come out. If his politically unseasoned manner means he is over-the-top at times on social policy, one would hope the other positives will compensate for it and his gross policy deficiencies may be ironed out over time.

The Donald may have got a million dollar loan to start his own business from his dad, but given he has added billions puts himself into the category of non-inherited – essentially. When you put a real wealth creator against these clowns of Republican candidates a few excepted, it is easy for a billionaire running against them to get disgustingly smug, cocky and especially critical of Washington.

I say bring on the billionaires and take not too much criticism of the ones who are giving most of their fortunes to philanthropy. That is a more positive way than the uncreative destruction of average taxpayers dollars into the massive number of programmes and projects run badly by government.

Hail the billionaires. Hail Trump. Well with some important qualifications that should remind them that they cannot act like Caesar if any one of them becomes enthroned as president.

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