Will Putin Swallow “Red Riding Hood ” Sweden in one Gulp?

There is fake news but there is also non-news. I give you the Washington Post’s very recent February non-news article on Sweden’s supposed angst that its world is collapsing and into the jaws of the Russian wolf, mostly because of so-called mad Trump’s abandonment of Europe (Bear is too nice an analogy, well for drawing a ridiculous fable story of little Red Riding Hood here with Vladimir the Wolf?)


Or try this.


I have already written on this dull subject before and reading the article on the below link will provide additional context on the motivations behind exaggerated views on Russia’s risk to Sweden?

Possibly, more Swedes these days agree with that view.(For investors by the way who are less drawn to non-news and fake news, keep investing in major Swedish firms with real value. They are not going to be seized by Putin.)


And all the massive huffing and puffing against Russia does not seem to make Sweden want to join NATO. It makes sense as Sweden has generally been a neutral country that brought you the Nobel Prize for Peace through the Swedish based Nobel foundation.


The writer of the Washington Post article expresses her concerns about Russia as a relay of views from Swedish analysts, security followers and civil servants. Were those the ones in spades that said Britain would collapse or do very badly after Brexit? That the world and Europe’s security and Swedish security would be pilfered by the Russians if Trump got elected? So far, these have not happened. And,I very,very much think that Russia will not take over Sweden though the reverse happened in history.

Do these worriers about Vladimir the “wolf dressed up to look so nice” include civil servants and “lobbyists” who are badly doing their own pilfering, possibly. That is to Swedish taxpayers to support in many cases through their salaries, their wonderful limp insights about “old cunning long lose” with his supposed secret submarines all over Sweden’s coast that no one can find?

Will all these hysterics about the roaming wolf on the loose in Swedish waters cause a step up in military purchases including from NATO and the sizeable Swedish defence industry looking for a hungry buck from preaching the story of the hungry wolf? Watch out if you wag the tail of that canine too much, it might finally bite out of bad role play about being non invasionary. Are these experts the people that make you wonder what they are smoking as they talk up the growing worrisome potential of the wolf ready to strike Stockholm?

The writer at the Post says these folks of experts see Sweden as staring into an “unfathomable abyss” with Trump in the White House. Why would they think the Russians would take Sweden so just to make NATO become giant size more relevant and highly mobilized and hugely dangerous as a response.

Sorry, the Russians do not need more northerly, ice bound territories but more importantly do not wish to start a European War. I argue in another blog article using military might and expenditures that Russia might even be successfully countered just by France and Germany alone if Russia was somehow pulled into such a war.

These are facts that will send much of the liberal media and their support for the McCIn version support of the military industrial complex into madness. After all such a view goes against their narrative to “poison” Putin’s image -and totally, without remorse- and Trump, as well by some fake media narrative about his association with the Russian president.


The straits between Sweden and Denmark are too critically important for commercial and military navigation for Germany to let the Russians control them. Which might happen if Russia were to ever take Sweden. It goes the same for NATO. Those looking into an abyss due to Trump getting elected should see their fuzzy strategic logic sinking into it. By the natural forces of common sense gravity, they should let such thinking fall into the deep bottom. Not even President Putin would want to huff and puff -at least too much and wolf down a Scandinavian country – unless very badly provoked of course.Grrr…

NATO has had its “fun” trying to scare Finland and Sweden into membership. As stated before, it needs to focus on terrorism and defending its borders from unvetted and illegal refugees, all with respect to international humanitarian law. It possibly needs to look at ways it can promote development and security better in failed or poor states of a threat to it. Russia is not the imminent wolf but the pockets of extremism and instability around the Mediterranean and Middle East are.


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