Nuland Needs to Go: Architect on delivery of US foreign policy on Russia must be accountable for its significant failure.

Victoria Nuland, US State Department point person over Europe who is a key disciple of Paul Wolfowitz, neo-conservative doctrine may be getting “broken” like the doctrine itself. Her completely aggressive and dedicated approach in putting into place and supporting the existing discredited Ukraine regime and thoroughly attacking Putin’s Russia over it’s policy towards Kiev is going down in flames.

Or it has been proven to be at the very least incredibly expensive for the United States and NATO for the money put up, a good part of which is being lost to corruption that even has disgusted US Vice President Biden. The net effect is egg Kiev all over NATO’s face, the alliance that has followed under pressure at times the US lead.

Her recent meeting with her Russian interlocutor in Kalingrad to reexamine the Ukraine dossier is telling. It tells us that her approach and that of the Washington is so irrational and counterproductive that to get her out of the Ukraine quicksand in part she has had to meet someone the administration sanctioned over Russia’s policy to the Ukraine. The contradiction and self-destruction of the Obama approach to Putin is really galling.

This author had argued continuously about the lack of proportionately and wisdom of Washington’s approach to Moscow. Putin told the Nulands that Russia was too big and important to try and isolate. He proved right. Instead of listening to realism, Nuland with Senator John McCain’s support was intent on aggressively chastising Putin and the Kremlin connected inner group until they would say uncle or would face their own coup.

Her policy approach and activism have alienated the Russian people, compromised European strategic interest and catalyzed disturbing tectonic forces among anti-US populist forces there. Enough is enough.

One of the first things a possible Trump administration should do is to retire Nuland and her partners in State who came up with their wretched approach to Russia. For Ms Nuland may be quite nervous and recognizing belatedly that she is way too identified with policies towards Russia that are now highly counter- productive to her career path.

After all, Trump has clearly stated he wants to deal positively with Putin while she has not. It would seem that it is too late but one never knows if her soulmate, Hillary Clinton gets into power. Then the world may be done.

But more importantly, Nuland looks like she is possibly panicking in Kalingrad to try to undo some of the damage she has wreaked on US statecraft. Her bullying of European partners was really offensive as well and has incensed the Russian elites – even the ones leaning towards America- who know their country’s history of gobbling up those who try to thoroughly do it in.

All in all this is a most worrisome embodiment of so much failed foreign policy and reckless expression of US exceptionslism manifested in the growing collapse of the Wolfowitz doctrine. How sad that this point person has been given so much power and support by and in Congress and the administration. Amateur hour and policy recklessness towards Russia needs to come to an end.

A good start might be for Victoria Nuland to go fairly soon. It might be even a positive while we hope she successfully begins to undo US foreign policy damage towards Moscow and in turn Europe with hopefully new positive iniatives supported by her Department boss at Foggy Bottom, John Kerry.

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