Presidents, Kings and Prime Ministers... ...or is it Bankers?

Adrian SandsZUrabia is not only a fast-paced and action-packed suspense thriller of James Bond proportions, the story itself holds immediate relevancy to the recent media attention given to hidden offshore and overseas banks accounts, tax evasion and U.S. negotiations with these countries to divulge their secrets.  In 2010, Congress passed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FACTA, which calls for overseas banks to begin full disclosure on bank accounts held by U.S. citizens, beginning in 2014.  In ZUrabia, the many forces in opposition to this ‘sharing of information’ are deadly and powerful.

ZUrabia by Peter Dash
“…this is not only a great novel, but an educational piece.  It is designed to inform the reader about what potentially goes on in private banks and to make the reader think about possible futures.” 
Rebecca Shane

The character of Adrian Sands is a split-personality, on top of a multiple personality disorder. He’s not the perfect ‘shaken, not stirred’ spy and assassin we’ve come to expect; but a real person, whose occupational stress shows through as cracks in his train of thought and in his interactions with Isolde.  He makes the story believable.

The added elements of fiction in this real-world drama, make the novel completely unique. Peter Dash mixes our own current events with fictional places, such as Sarabia and Tyrania, Muslim countries with their own burgeoning populations of extremist ethos.

While Sarabia has its own cast of bad guys, as does many other countries and factions, this book isn’t an attack on the Muslim world.  The extremists make up a small percentage and two of our unexpected heroes come straight from Sarabian royalty.  And, although Islamic Jihadists and neo-Nazi fundamentalists are scary by their own right, ZUrabia will have you fearing Swiss bankers above all.

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